Friday, March 30, 2012

Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay Yacht Harbor, located about 20 miles east of Antioch, is a nice launch site to explore the southern area of the Delta.  There is a two lane boat launch which is free to use if you park and then carry your boat to the ramp.  If you decide to actually use the ramp with your vehicle then there is a $10.00 launch fee.
The morning looked promising in regards to weather yesterday.  It was overcast but no wind to speak of and the temperature was 68.  Though by the time we arrived at the launch the wind had picked up and the temperature was dropping.  We ended up paddling for about 2 miles into the wind which made for a great workout.  Coming back was nice as we had the wind at our backs.

Paddling opportunities from Discovery Bay include leisurely paddles around the harbor or you can venture out to Indian Slough and head east and then north towards Orwood Resort or head west towards Old River. There are endless miles to explore here but keep in mind it's a heavy speed boat traffic area.  Even with the weather not being the greatest and going midday on a weekday, there were quite a few boats out and a couple of water skiers.  I imagine the weekends would be quite a bit busier which might not make it the best choice if you would like a peaceful paddle.  I definitely want to visit again when the weather is more agreeable.

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