Friday, April 19, 2013

Taylor, Dutch and Sandmound Slough

I had a great day on the water today! My day started with my class for teens in the morning and ended with a tour with a family visiting from Boston. The weather was warm and the water was glassy.

My students and I headed west this morning just before slack tide. We did a little exploring up Taylor Slough and then turned around and paddled around a small marsh island leading back to Dutch Slough.

After class I had the pleasure of guiding a lovely family from Boston who were visiting family in the bay area. We launched during slack tide and headed east towards Sand Mound Slough. We kept our eyes open for  river otters but unfortunately none were to be found today. We saw many coots, ducks, a turtle and a couple of geese with three gosling. Once we entered Sand Mound Slough we headed south and paddled a loop around the slough with the current which made for a nice leisurely adventure.

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