Friday, May 24, 2013

Taylor Slough

My youngest daughter and I caught the end of an ebbing tide when we launched from Sunset Harbor at 10:30 this morning and headed northeast to Taylor Slough. It was a bit windy but not too bad as we paddled against a headwind. We paddled for about an hour before the tide changed and we searched for a spot to eat lunch.

Taylor Slough is lined with waterfront homes and marinas on one side and a rocky levee on the other. There are a couple of tiny beaches on the levee shore to stop and stretch if the tide is low. There are tons of interesting boats moored along the opposite shore, some quite large.
Our lunch spot

After lunch we headed home with the tide and wind at our back. We were treated to lots of wildlife today. Including Egrets, Great Blue Heron, muskrat, a river otter, Night Heron, lots of turtles sunning themselves on the rocks, and a mamma duck with her tiny ducklings. We also observed an egret catch and devour a small fish. Even the not so wildlife was out and about enjoying the day. We spotted a tabby cat lounging on a yacht and a golden retriever fetching a tennis ball from the river.

A great way to start the day and I'm looking forward to ending my day with our Sunset Social Paddle on Sand Mound Slough tonight!

Egret fishing

Mama and her ducklings

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  1. Hi Kathy I'm Jason some friends and I are looking to come kayak the delta. I heard lost slough was a nice area but what would you recommend?