Monday, June 3, 2013

Seaward Halo SR 130 and Compass 140 tx Paddle from Tiki Lagun

Delta Kayak Adventures took delivery of the new Seaward Halo 130 and Compass 140 this weekend. I was anxious to get them out on the water and I had originally planned to launch from Antioch Marina but when I arrived at noon today the wind was howling with gusts reaching 25 plus mph. Waves were breaking in every direction and the docks were swaying and rocking continually. My son and I decided to head inland a bit and ended up at Tiki Lagun near Stockton.

The wind was still blowing at least 20 mph but we were determined to paddle these new boats. I will be returning to Tiki Lagun to do a more thorough review of this launch spot as it was quite nice and they do not charge to launch kayaks.

I was very impressed with my first look at these two boats. These boats are absolutely gorgeous to look at with beautiful lines and first rate craftsmanship. My son, Sam, paddled the Compass and gives it a thumbs up. Both kayaks come with 5 way adjustable seating which makes them extremely comfortable to paddle as you can make many adjustments to fit you perfectly. The Compass comes standard with a rudder which came in handy today with the amount of wind we were paddling in. With the Halo you have a choice of a rudder or not. I chose to go rudderless and found the boat very easy to control in the wind. Overall, I believe I've made a great choice to add these to my fleet and look forward to adding more models in the future!

If you would like to demo either of these boats give me a call to set up a time and place. You are sure to fall in love with these boats! Be sure to contact me if you're interested in purchasing a Seaward. I can order any  model you choose!

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