Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B & W Resort to Happy Harbor

We had another amazing day on the Delta paddling from B & W Resort to Happy Harbor for our "Wednesday Wandering." When launching from B & W Resort if no one is at the ramp to take your fee you should go to the snack bar and pay. I would check with the store or management as to the cost to launch because it seems to vary. Plan on $4-$10. The resort is very friendly and has clean restrooms but is also very busy so be sure and launch quickly after bringing your kayak to the ramp.

The temperature this morning was a little on the cool side but by the time we met at the launch it seemed to have warmed considerably. We launched a few minutes before 3:00 with low tide predicted for 2:46 at the Georgiana slough entrance.

We paddled the Mokelumne under puffy clouds with a gentle current helping us along. Our original plan was to paddle to Korths Pirates Lair and grab a bite to eat but they closed at 3:00 so we paddled west and onto the San Joaquin River towards Happy Harbor.

We didn't find a good place to land so we rafted up for a snack break before our return. There were lots of coots, cormorants and sparrows flying about but we spotted only one beaver or otter on our return. The water was like glass for the majority of the paddle and it was an easy 10 miles timed with the tides. On our way back to the launch, we were treated to a flyover from a crop dusting plane. We waved and he politely dipped his wings left and right to return our greeting. I actually captured it on my GoPro but he was much closer than it appears on the video.

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Great day!

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