Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Full Moon Paddle

Last night was absolutely amazing! We had a great group and launched from Holland Riverside Marina around 6:45 p.m. with the tide at 3.5 feet. I was a little concerned when we first arrived because the wind was blowing about 15 to 25 mph but by the time our group launched it was near dead calm.

My son and I arrived early to get on the water and do a little fishing before our tour began. It was so fun! The fish were biting Sam's line continually but he was only able to pull one into the boat. As he was reeling it in, it looked like he had a fight on his hands but when he got it to the boat his catch measured just over 4 inches. We had another good laugh when he almost caught a bigger bass from behind. While he was casting it jumped and almost took the lure just before he threw it forward!

We met our customers on the beach and prepared to launch for our Moonlight Paddle. The winds had died down as the sun began to sink behind the marina. We paddled to what's left of the USS Advance on Beaver Island and sat for a few minutes waiting for the moon to make its' appearance. Words can't do justice to what we witnessed.

As the enormous  moon began to rise over the Delta the eastern sky turned a purplish pink while to the west the sky was fiery yellow orange with Mt. Diablo silhouetted in the distance. The peacefulness engulfed us as we took in this amazing sight.

We continued our leisurely paddle under the light of the moon on Old River and took in the sights and sounds surrounding us. It was an experience we won't forget!
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