Wednesday, December 7, 2016

San Joaquin River Trips #2 - Point Sacramento

Trip #2 in our series on day trips from Antioch is a paddle for more experienced kayakers. It's a minimum of 3.5 miles one way to Point Sacramento which can be done in an hour if timed properly with tides but you'll want more time to explore on the way.

Things you want to consider before launching are tides, weather/wind and water temperature. Always dress for immersion, do not wear cotton and wear a PFD. Check wind forecast and if wind is forecast 10+ MPH reconsider launching. It doesn't take a lot of wind to create 3-4ft rollers on this section of the San Joaquin. Launch a minimum of an hour before low tide to get the most help from the current. There aren't any places to bail out or stop and stretch until you reach Point Sacramento.

Cabin Slough

After launching from the Antioch Marina, cross the San Joaquin and head northwest along the shoreline of Kimball Island. You'll be crossing the shipping channel so be sure there are no ships in sight. This area can be busy with other boat traffic so make sure to be alert and make yourself highly visible. Once reaching Kimball, stay within 15 feet of shoreline to stay out of shipping channel and follow until you reach Point Sacramento.

Your first possible detour is Cabin Slough. There's usually raptors hanging out in the trees at the entrance and there are a couple of openings that beckon exploration within a half mile. If you continue to head northwest you'll reach another large inlet that leads to Sherman Island. You could spend all day exploring a fraction of the passageways within Sherman Island. Make sure you have a GPS and be cautious at tides 1 ft or lower to avoid getting stuck in mud. It's easy to get lost in here so keep track with your GPS.

Approximately 1.25 miles northwest from the inlet, you'll reach Point Sacramento. There is a sandy beach although it can disappear with a high tide. Be cautious here as the current can be very strong. If you time your paddle with the tides and reach Point Sacramento at slack or just as the tide begins to flood, your paddle back to the Antioch Marina should be an easy one and you could potentially do very little actual paddling and just ride the tide home. Remember to keep an eye out for ships before crossing the river back to the marina.

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