Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer is Here!

A great night on the water near the Dow Wetlands preserve!  The temperature at 7:00 was 92 and it felt so nice to be cooled down by a gentle breeze on the river.  We paddled past the Dow Wetlands preserve towards Broad slough and just hung around a marsh island to take in the wonderful view.  Low tide was at 6:42 but the river was moving about 1-2 knots eastward.  We headed to the preserve and we're able to see a couple of Herons and a river otter.

After leaving the preserve we traveled at a brisk 6 knots with the help of the current back the the Antioch boat ramp.  We were also treated to seeing a family of river otters going the opposite direction.

I do believe summer has arrived and I have several areas that I'm looking forward to exploring.  I can't wait to see and share what I find!

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