Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dow Wetlands Preserve

Another beautiful evening on the water!  After launching from the new Antioch boat ramp, my friend and I headed to the Dow Wetlands Preserve to view the solar eclipse.  There was a small craft advisory posted until 9:00 p.m. which made the trip to the preserve quite a bit of work paddling against the current and into the wind.  I'm getting lots of rough water practice and it is kind of fun!
The ramp was very busy with jet skis and motor boats but we were able to launch quickly.  The boats also added to the rough water conditions and we had a fairly large boat pass between us and the shoreline and yell to us that we were crazy.  I was thinking, "thanks a lot for almost swamping us."  We made it to the preserve safely, paddled around and did a little exploring.  We didn't see much wildlife other than some ducks and a heron.  After hanging out there for awhile, we headed back with the wind behind us which made for a quick trip home.  Before taking out, we watched one of the longest trains I've seen pass through the waterfront.
 It was quite a sight. The Antioch waterfront is beautiful and has so much potential.

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