Saturday, September 29, 2012

Discovery Bay Part 2

I had a wonderful paddle this morning. It's been a few months since I last visited Discovery Bay and today was perfect. We arrived at Discovery Bay Marina at 9:00 a.m. with the temperature 72 degrees and not a stitch of wind. It is free to launch your kayak if you carry it from your vehicle to the ramp otherwise it's $10 to launch. I noticed they had porta potties available this time, with a sink to wash up right next to the ramp.

After launching during the ebb tide, we paddled one mile to Indian Slough and observed some egrets resting in a tree on a marsh covered island. A -.29 foot low tide was predicted at 12:54 p.m.. Before deciding which way we would go, we checked to see which direction the water was moving and how fast. There was barely any current and we decided to paddle west, against the current, towards Orwood Resort.

We stayed very close to shore because of the power boat traffic. Even though it was Saturday, the traffic from ski boats wasn't bad. We did have a minor incident when a couple of ski boats passed by one right after the other at a high rate of speed and I was washed into the rock levee. I was busy taking pictures and hadn't realized how close I was to the levy. No damage was done and we continued westward. There were lots of fishermen lining the shore of Orwood Tract and we saw a couple people catch either small blue gill or bass.

 We were about a mile from Orwood Resort when we decided to turn around. We would have liked to continue but we both had things that needed to be done at home. Instead of returning the way we had come, we decided to paddle closer to the homes on the water where there is a no wake zone. We saw some more Egrets and a couple of Herons. We even witnessed a large fish try to eat a three inch blue gill. Overall, we paddled a little over 5 miles in two hours. I think I found some great fishing spots and can't wait to go back and try my luck.

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