Friday, December 28, 2012

Lauritzen Yacht Harbor - Antioch Bridge

It was 42 degrees at 1:30 this afternoon when Amanda and I launched from Lauritzen Yacht Harbor. High tide was predicted for 2:15 at 4 ft. The wind was blowing gently from the east at less than 5 knots and produced small ripples on the San Joaquin river. After launching we headed out of the harbor towards the Antioch bridge. Along the way we saw another paddler speedily making his way across the river. The bridge towered over us as we passed under it on this cold gloomy day. We floated for a few minutes and took some pictures before we paddled back under it and towards Big Break.

About a half a mile from Lauritzen's, to the south, there is an opening to a marsh which begged to be explored. It reminded me somewhat of the Dow Wetlands but with more open space, almost like a lake. There were lots of mud ducks and other waterfowl in this area and the water was smooth like glass. We paddled at a leisurely pace looking for other signs of wildlife when we came upon some duck decoys. From a distance they sure look real and there were actually quite a few live ones floating next to them. After an hour or so we decided to call it a day and head back to the harbor. It was a mellow adventure and it felt good to be out on the water.

 Lauritzen's is a really nice place to launch from on a calm day and it's located
on the San Joaquin river just east of the Antioch bridge. The harbor itself has a double launch ramp with docks, restrooms and ample parking. There is a launch fee of $6 per kayak which you pay in the office and then they'll give you a code so you can use their restrooms. The people here are very friendly and happy to answer questions.

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