Sunday, December 9, 2012

Port-O-Sac Stripers

A beautiful sunset to end  an absolutely gorgeous day of paddling! I participated in my first kayak fishing tournament put on by FreshKats. It was held at the the Port of Sacramento and we launched from the Barge Canal Access where it's free to park and launch. Registration began at 7:30 with the official start time at 9:00 a.m.. It ended at 3:00 and it looked as though a few people caught some good fish. I'll update this post when I find out who won today's tournament and the results for the complete series. There were quite a few participants. I don't have an official count yet but there were at least 30 vehicles in the parking lot loaded with kayaks. This was the last event in this years series but I'm told there will be six events next year.

Unfortunately I got skunked today, not even a nibble, but I enjoyed the day with friends and it felt great to be on the water. My friend Tim caught a baby striper but other than that he got skunked too. I did have an assist on the way back to the launch at the end of the day. Nick from Roseville caught a nice striper just east of the bridge. He forgot his net so I loaned him mine so he could land it. He did a great job and brought in a beautiful fish!

I'm looking forward to next years events where maybe I can do a little better!

If your interested in fishing from a kayak be sure and check my website and contact me as I have fishing kayaks available to rent and I'm also leading tours. I see a fishing tour in the future!

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