Monday, February 11, 2013

Decker Island Circumnavigation

 It was a beautiful morning although a little on the chilly side at 49 degrees at launch. Low tide was predicted at 10:47 a.m. at the Three-mile Slough-Sacramento River tide station. We launched our kayaks from the beach on the north side of the Three-mile Slough bridge. This is actually a very nice spot to take off from as it's a gently sloped beach. The beach itself is about 40 feet from the roadside parking area but there are a couple of not -so-steep paths to choose from to get to the beach. This area seems to be a hot spot for fisherman though there were only a couple here today. There are no facilities such as restrooms here but it is free. Brannan Island State Park is across the road and has nice facilities if you would like a restroom and there is a $8.00  day use/launch fee at the park.

Rope swing on the tree
Decker Island  is a 648 acre island that sits between the Sacramento River on the east side of the island and Horseshoe bend to the west. The Department of Fish and Game owns the northernmost 33 acres of the island and have been working to restore native plants on the island. There is a nice article that was published in 2005 that describes the work that has been done. According to the DFG website, activities including wildlife viewing and waterfowl hunting are allowed. There are several beaches along Horseshoe Bend that would make nice lunchtime stops. There's even a rope swing hanging from a tree if you dare to try it!
Sacramento River side 

Rio Vista in the distance
We launched at about 10:45 a.m. and paddled effortlessly with the current around the entire island which is an approximate 6 mile paddle. We returned to the put in at about 1:00 p.m. which was quite quick considering we didn't put much work into actually paddling. We spotted several Great Blue Heron, a couple of Sandhill Cranes, Great White Herons and some Mallard ducks. Information from the DFG state there are mink, beaver, river otters and even coyotes on the island though we didn't spot any mammals today.

Delta Kayak Adventures will definitely be adding this location to the tours we offer!

View of launch from the water

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