Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hennis Marina - Bethel Island

Another wonderful day on the water and the best part was I got to spend it with my hubby Randy! We took his Jackson Cuda and my Coosa (which is available to rent from Delta Kayak Adventures) out to Hennis Marina located near Sand Mound Slough to do some fishing. The weather was beautiful, about 63 degrees. Hennis Marina worked out great for Randy because they launched us using an elevator. Randy's knees are in very bad shape so it's difficult for him to get in and out of his boat when we use a ramp. Jim, the owner of Hennis Marina, was so helpful and patient while we unloaded our gear onto the lift. They charge $10 to launch a group and it's well worth it.   They also have restrooms available. It's best to call first and let them know your coming but he's there most of the time.

We launched about 1:30 and headed east towards Sand Mound Slough. Low tide was predicted at 4:44 so we paddled against the current but it wasn't too bad. When we reached the slough we headed south with the current and just drifted while we fished. No nibbles or bites today but it was so beautiful it didn't matter. We took in the scenery and saw a couple of Great Blue Herons and some Egrets.  We also saw an ultralight plane buzzing around the slough which was pretty neat to watch. After almost three hours on the water, we headed back to the marina and were lifted out of the water effortlessly (at least for us). What a great facility! It makes the water so much more accessible for those who have physical disabilities.

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  1. Beautiful Kathy! Say, I'd like to feature you in my Delta Living Magazine. Let's tawk! Smilz, Charleen -