Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Holland Tract and Rock Slough

Tuesday afternoon my daughter and I headed to Holland Riverside Marina and paddled Holland Tract to Rock Slough. High tide at Orwood was predicted at 3:16 p.m. and we were on the water by 3:45. When heading west from the launch, there is very little current in the area which makes it a great place for beginners. To get to Rock slough paddle about a mile west from the marina and stay river right until you enter Rock Slough. Rock slough is a little over a mile itself as it dead ends just past Becky's bridge.

My daughter started the afternoon paddling the Seaward Halo while I paddled another addition to my fleet, the Point 65N XP18 Pro Lite. I personally love the XP 18 and plan on using it for long distance paddling and camping trips. The XP18 is sleek and fast with lots of storage. I was amazed at it's primary stability and how easily it turned for such a long boat. This version has both a rudder and skeg. With the skeg down a couple of clicks the boat tracks well and the rudder is easy to operate. There was barely a breeze and the water was like glass so I'm looking forward to seeing how this boat performs in rougher conditions.

The Point 65N XP18 is also available for demo or use on one of our tours! Contact Delta Kayak Adventures for more info.

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