Saturday, December 13, 2014

Georgiana Slough

It was great to get on the water today! Because of dense fog and the recent storms it has been nearly a week since I've paddled. It looks like we're between storms so I wanted to get out there while I could. My friends and I launched from Georgiana Fishing Access located on Andrus Island road. This is a nice little spot to put in and has a small launch for human powered craft. There is a porta potty but no other services nearby. High tide was predicted at 12:00 for New Hope bridge. We launched at 11:20 and headed north towards Walnut Grove.

The water level was the highest I've seen in awhile and the incoming tide had little effect on the moving water. Normally you can ride the incoming tide to Walnut Grove but today we paddled against the current to get to our destination. The current wasn't too strong when we started but progressively became faster as we paddled north. Usually we can paddle 3 miles in under an hour at a leisurely pace but today it took us nearly 2 hours to reach the Sacramento River but it was worth every stroke. We encountered one powerboat today as we were putting our boats in and met a fellow kayaker on our return. It was just us and the birds for the majority of our time on the water.

 The water was stained a muddy brown from the recent storms and the sheer volume of water was impressive. It's awesome we're getting much needed rain! We spotted several hawks, egrets and even some Sandhill cranes filled our ears with their noisy chatter. Blackbirds filled the sky and ducks startled us as they crashed through the brush to escape our intrusion. We passed under the Georgiana Slough bridge and continued a couple hundred yards to where the slough meets the Sacramento River. We didn't feel like battling the increasing current to get to the public dock in Walnut Grove so we turned around and found shelter from the current at a nearby private dock. We stayed in our boats as we ate a snack then had a speedy return with the current back to the put in. It only took us 50 minutes to paddle the 3 miles back to the put in and I can't say we paddled very much. We mostly floated with the current taking in the scenery and enjoying the ride.

A magnificent day on the Delta!

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