Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mandeville Tip

It was a beautiful day on the Delta today although the hyacinth is taking over. We launched from Korths Pirates Lair at 12:20 and paddled with the incoming tide to Mandeville Tip.

It was a busy day on the San Joaquin River for ships. It's the first time I encountered more than one ship during an outing. We stayed clear of the shipping channel and paddled just outside the markers. After 4 miles we rafted up and ate lunch as we watched the Queen Asia pass in front of us.

We picked up our pace so we wouldn't have to paddle against the changing tide and we arrived at our destination at 2:00. We weren't able to explore the island like I would have liked but that gives me another reason to return. After a brief rest we began our return to the put - in.

We had a nice south easterly breeze at our backs and the tide was going out so we practically flew back to the marina. When we reached the channel to the ramp we were met with a thick mat of hyacinth about 100 yards long. Our passage was blocked and I worried we would be unable to make our way to the marina because it had been blocked earlier. Thankfully we were able to squeeze through and make it to the dock.

If you encounter hyacinth when paddling make sure and report it to the department of boating and waterways and try to include a picture. I was heartbroken to see miles of hyacinth blocking Brannan Island Time marina and Owl harbor. Please contact your representatives and let them know how the hyacinth is impacting the Delta.

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