Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fishing Big Break

My daughter and I decided at the last minute to try our luck fishing at Big Break this evening.  We launched from Big Break Marina around 5:30 and paddled until almost 8:30.  We tried a bunch of different spots where we thought the fish might be hiding but I had no nibbles and Amanda had one.  Amanda did rescue a little fish from certain death near the boat launch but that was the only fish we saw this evening.  After trying to catch something for a couple of hours, we stored our poles and decided to do some exploring.  We followed the shoreline to  the west of us and entered the San Joaquin River and were blessed to witness the sun going down behind the Antioch bridge.  We continued west for awhile but decided to head back before it got too dark.  Though we didn't catch anything, we were treated to a beautiful sunset and relaxing paddle.

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