Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sandy Beach

My friends and I took the kids to Sandy Beach today to play around and do some paddling.  We also had to test my friends new used boat, an Ocean Kayak Prowler 13.  There was a small craft advisory in effect until evening so we didn't get to do as much exploring as I would have liked but we had such a good time even with the wind blowing around 20 to 30 knots!  The boys hung out around the launch ramp and did some swimming while we ventured out to do a bit of paddling.

The Prowler moved swiftly through the chop with little difficulty and my friend really seemed to enjoy herself.  We headed south and discovered Sherman Island Harbor which had a few boats berthed but not much activity.  We then followed the levy westward until the wind really started howling and the waves became quite large.  We got a great workout heading back towards the launch.

After refueling with some much needed carbs, we jumped in my Cobra Tandem and headed west in search of our girls.  On our way out we ran in to my friends' husband who looked rather wet.  He told us he wanted to see what it felt like when capsizing.  He said he recovered quite well but lost his sunglasses in the process.  The Cobra handled the waves with ease and it was a fun ride!  The best part of the day was when we spotted a seal swimming about 10-15 yards on our port side.  If you watch the video you can spot the seal in frame 51:64 but you must look very very very close.  He's about the size of a mustard seed in the video.

We weren't the only ones out enjoying the water today.  There were about half a dozen kite surfers having a blast on this blustery day.

We found our girls soaking wet on a beach after trying to surf on some styrofoam they found on shore.  We let the girls take the Cobra to a small island to do a little exploring of their own while we hiked back to the launch area.

When the girls returned from their expedition, we called it a day, and what a day it was!

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