Sunday, May 18, 2014

Moonlight Paddle and Private Tours

The past few weeks have been extremely windy almost every day. We got a break earlier this week with a three or four day heatwave which worked out wonderfully for our Moonlight Paddle on the Delta. I've been pretty busy with private classes and tours which has been nice.

The Moonlight Paddle couldn't have been any better. With a gentle breeze we paddled along Rock Slough towards Becky's Bridge. Just before the moon was due to rise we turned around and floated with the gentle current with our eyes fixed on the eastern horizon. Within minutes we were treated to a huge orange glowing ball of light climbing slowly skyward hovering over the peaceful Delta. On our way back to the put-in we were followed by an angry beaver who kept splashing his tail as we paddled along.

Here is a sample of our view. It's not the best video quality and nothing compared to the actual experience so be sure and sign up for our Moonlight Paddle to experience it for yourself!

Last night we hosted a great group for a private tour. We had people who had never paddled before along with casual paddlers and kayakers with their own boats. It was a wonderful evening despite the threat of wind hampering our progress. We were treated to a Mama duck with about a dozen ducklings, heron, an otter and a seal who surfaced only a couple of feet in front of one of our boats!

Delta Kayak Adventures would love to host and guide your group for a leisurely paddle on the Delta. We offer special rates for groups of 5 or more. Contact us for more info.