Saturday, November 22, 2014

Shout Out

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This year has flown by unbelievably fast! The first of November marked our 2nd year in business and we want to thank you all for your support!

Fall paddling has been incredible! Above average temperatures and virtually no wind has made paddling the Delta even better. The past month we’ve explored the Cosumnes River Preserve, Steamboat Slough and Old River in the southern reaches of the Delta. The warmer weather has exasperated the water hyacinth problem and unfortunately has shut down many marinas making it impossible to launch any type of boat. On the San Joaquin River it has forced ships to travel only in daylight because their sonar reads the hyacinth as dry land. Fortunately the majority of areas we paddle haven’t been significantly impacted. 

We have some great tours planned for the holiday season! We hope you can join us November 29th at Lake Camanche as our family will be picnicking and paddling from 10:00-4:00. Bring your own boat and gear for free or we’ll have limited rentals, including fishing kayaks available for $45 for the entire day.  You are welcome to join us as we explore this great spot not far from home. Lake Camanche has recently planted Mt. Lassen trout and will be doing so every week so fishing should be great. You can sign up and reserve a boat directly form our website by clicking on the date or contact us if you plan on joining us with your own boat and gear.

We’ll be back at the Cosumnes River Preserve December 13th to check out the Sandhill Cranes and other waterfowl visiting for the winter. We've had great feedback regarding our Moonlight paddles so mark your calendars for December 6th and dress warm for a paddle under the moonlight!

We’re hoping to put together a lighted kayak parade and a Christmas celebration at Holland Riverside Marina if there is enough interest. If you’re interested in decorating your kayak or one of ours and participating in what will hopefully become an annual tradition, let us know by sending an email to Stay tuned for more info via, our Facebook page: or Twitter:

Please support small businesses this Christmas season! Starting November 28th, gift certificates will be on sale for 25% off through December 20th! Grab one for yourself or a few for friends and family! Kayaking the Delta is an experience they won’t forget!