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Thursday, October 12, 2017

San Joaquin River Trip #5 Circumnavigate Winter Island

Winter Island is approximately 1.5 miles west of the Antioch Marina. This trip is another paddle that requires a bit more time to complete. You want to make sure to plan with tides in mind. Plan your launch near the low tide and allow 2-3 hours for this 7 plus mile trip. If timed correctly, you will have a leisurely paddle with help from current the entire time.

Fall and winter are the best times of year to paddle here because generally the winds are light and migratory birds are coming in. I recently did this trip and circled the island clockwise using the currents to my advantage. I suggest hugging the shore after launching until you reach the point located near a green channel marker. After reaching the point, paddle across New York Slough towards Winter Island. You'll be crossing an active shipping channel so be alert and never cross in front of a moving ship. You'll notice a well maintained hunting club on the south end of the island, continue along the shoreline until you reach Middle Slough. There are actually 2 sloughs to choose from. You can paddle the larger Middle Slough which is between Winter and Browns Islands or another smaller slough that runs along the west shore of winter. When you reach the north part of Winter Island use caution when close to shore and be looking for debris that may be hidden just beneath the surface. There are a couple of places to stretch if you must but again be aware of hazards like re bar sticking out of concrete.

Once you reach Broad Slough, head southeast and follow shoreline to southern tip of the island where you'll cross New York Slough again being aware of boat traffic. If you've timed it right you can float back to the Antioch Marina with very little effort.

If you would like a guided tour please contact us and we'll plan the trip according to the tides.

Happy Paddling!

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