Wednesday, March 6, 2019

San Joaquin River Trip #6- Antioch to Sherman Island County Park

This paddling trip is a great paddle for those who want  to spend most of the day on the water.  It's approximately 10 miles round trip and is best done during fall or winter. 

 Sherman island county park is well known for kite surfers and windsurfers alike. During the summer months you can see dozens if not hundreds of kite boarders zigzagging across what's known as Sherman Lake. During the summer months the Delta is known for its westerly winds that can average 20 to 30 miles per hour which makes this a good location for the kite surfers but not so great for kayakers or paddle boarders.

During the fall and Winter months it becomes a birders paradise. You will often find no wind and glassy waters during this time a year and encounter multitudes of migratory birds visiting.

There are multiple ways to get to Sherman island county park via kayak but the one I suggest for beginners is fairly direct. The map I have posted will lead you to the sandy beach nearest the restrooms. If you don't need to use the facilities you can always stop at one of the two small sand covered islands just before the park.  If you decide to choose a different route going through the marshy wetlands, be sure to bring a GPS, as it is easy to get lost and some of the many sloughs are cut off due to invasive weeds.

You should plan a minimum of 4 hours for this trip but if you prefer to paddle at a more relaxed pace, 6 hours or more would be ideal.

If you prefer a guided trip to this location please contact Delta Kayak Adventures to create an adventure you're sure to love!