Monday, August 19, 2019

Boreal Baltic 120

I recently added these kayaks to our fleet and will have them available for purchase in September, 2019.

I have fallen in love with this boat! We currently have the thermoformed version but they also come in and HDPE plastic.

Why I love it:
1) For being a thermoformed boat, it's very rigid in rough water. Not quite as much as a composite boat but very close. Other thermosforms I've paddled have a tendency to flex in chop, not this one.
2) Roomy. Lots of room not only in the cockpit but plenty available up to the forward bulkhead. Great for paddlers with large feet.
3) Fits a variety of different sized paddlers. I've had people from 5'2" to 6'2" paddle it and find it extremely comfortable.
4) Comfort. Flexible seat and support for thighs. Backband can be adjusted to under coming or above coaming.
5) Skeg. Usually boats of this size don't have an option for a skeg. A skeg comes standard and can help on windy days.
6) Maneuverability. This kayak is fun to play in! Very easy to maneuver but tracks just as well as any 16ft sea kayak I have paddled.
7) Weight. Thermoformed version is only 46 lbs. The only kayak I've been able to carry on my shoulder without hurting myself.
8) Stability. Excellent primary and secondary stability. 25 inch beam for a good length of the hull makes it stable for variety of paddlers.
9) Storage. Lots of volume in rear and front hatches make this a great choice for kayak camping.
10) Price update: 2020 prices have gone up and Baltic is still a great deal at $1299.


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Dive into the Delta Kayak Tours

Interested in exploring the Delta? 

I have created this series of tours for those who really want to explore more of the California Delta. This is a series of 9 tours, offered once a month at different locations throughout the Delta. Tours vary in length from 2 to 3 hours and launch site information will be provided after booking. They all take place on Saturdays and the more tours you book, the more you save. You are welcome to sign up for any paddle at regular price. The following are dates and locations with breakdown of package prices.

If you want to commit to 4 or more tours YOU MUST CALL TO RESERVE TO GET DISCOUNT.925-642-5764

Dive into the Delta #1 Dow Wetlands 9-28-19 11am-1pm

Dive into the Delta #2 Delta Meadows 10-19-19 12pm-3pm

Dive into the Delta #3 Sherman Lake 11-23-19 2pm-5pm

Dive into the Delta #4 Little Mandeville 1-11-20 11am-2pm

Dive into the Delta #5 Decker Island 2-1-20 2:30pm-5pm

Dive into the Delta #6 South Mokelumne 3-7-20 10am-1pm

Dive into the Delta #7 Franks Tract 4-18-20 10am-12pm

Dive into the Delta #8 Steamboat Slough 5-16-20 1130am-2pm

Dive into the Delta #9 Potato Slough 6-13-20 11am-2pm

Package Pricing:
Any combination of 4 Tours = $299
Any combination of 5 Tours = $379
Any combination of 6 Tours = $429
Any combination of 7 Tours = $469
Any combination of 8 Tours = $499
ALL 9 Tours = $567