Friday, October 30, 2015

Broad Slough - Antioch

I haven't updated my blog lately but that doesn't mean I haven't been on the water! The Delta provides endless paddling opportunities and below you'll find a recent trip report.

Last week was perfect for paddling Antioch, Broad Slough in particular. The San Joaquin River that flows past Antioch can often be rough and intimidating, especially during the summer months. It doesn't take much of a breeze to get 2-3 foot wind waves generated in this area but last week the wind was at 1-2 knots so we hit the water and paddled northwest.

High tide was predicted for 12:54 and max flood at 12:17 with a 1.62 knot current. We launched from the Antioch Marina at about 9:15 am and paddled against a gentle incoming tide with no particular destination in mind.

There was lots of activity on the bank as we paddled by the now closed Humphrey's restaurant. Fishermen were out in force targeting the salmon now moving upriver. We actually saw someone reel in a beautiful chrome salmon as we made our way past the piers. The tall ship, Lady Washington, was in town and taking visitors aboard the amazing vessel.

We crossed the river to Kimball Island and slowly made our way up Broad Slough with barking seals or sea lions being heard in the distance. The rumble of industry on the south shore filled our ears but the stark contrast of the quiet songs of birds among the tule won our attention. As we approached Sherman Island we stopped to watch a couple of otters hunt for their breakfast. We continued to paddle and eventually reached Point Sacramento, the northwestern most tip of Sherman Island. There, we spotted at least 6 more otters diving, eating and playing.

After a short break we turned around to catch the height of the flood tide to help us home. We made it back in less than half the time it took to get us to the Point.

I find there's nothing better than getting out in God's creation with a good paddle, great company and beautiful surroundings to lift your spirit and clear your mind.

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