Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Year In Review - Favorite Photos of 2019

I haven't done this before but thought it would be cool to look back at the past year and share some of my most liked Instagram photos of the many memorable trips and tours of 2019. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

January 2019 - Memorable trips included a paddle to Sherman Island County Park with extremely high tides and a long distance paddle to Martinez from Antioch.

February 2019 included lots of bird viewing, in depth exploration of Kimball Island and a paddle to Collinsville from Antioch.

 March 2019 was nesting season for egrets, herons and cormorants. Many trips exploring waters near Antioch.

April 2019 was action packed with fishing, an amazing trip down the Black Canyon on the Colorado River and an intense ACA Instructor Development workshop where I was certified as an American Canoe Association Level 2 Instructor. Level 3 is next!

May 2019 was filled with paddles exploring the heart of the Delta. We paddled Mildred Island, Little Mandeville and Delta Meadow to name a few. It was also the beginning of River Camp for Kids season. Fun times!

 May 2019 included one of my favorite trips down the Mokelumne River on Wimpys Run! Lots of people enjoyed getting out on the Delta! More River Camp fun.

June 2019 I headed to San Diego to visit my daughter and was able to explore Lake Moreno which was gorgeous. As a guide for East Bay Regional Parks I was fortunate to lead trips to Brooks Island on San Francisco Bay.

July 2019 , family fun on the Delta and Lake Tahoe. We had an amazing tour to Lost Isle and a paddle around Hog Island.  It also marked the beginning of our SUP Yoga classes with Sandy Carmellini!

August 2019 was filled with a business trip to Lake Tahoe with my TRAK Kayak for a photo shoot, a gorgeous paddle to Marsh Creek and the best catch of the year!

September 2019 marked Delta Kayak Adventures as Best of the Delta
for watercraft rentals, lots of tours exploring more of the Delta with a trip to Van Syckle Island and an amazing turnout for Coastal Clean up.

 October 2019 brought calm and glassy conditions on the Delta. We had a great tour to Big Break and beyond from Antioch, amazing sunset paddles and trips to Delta Meadows. I also had an unforgettable paddle on Drakes Estero and made a new friend!

November 2019 Rosie and I did more exploring,  was able to paddle inside Winter Island for the first time and had an awesome adventure on our first Blue Friday to Sacramento Point.

December 2019 brought beautiful cloud formations over the Delta. We paddled Georgianna Slough, the Sacramento River and experienced spectacular sunsets!

2019 was a wonderful year filled with amazing adventures and memory making trips. I hope you will join me in 2020 and experience the many delights of paddling!

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