Thursday, March 26, 2020

Quick Trip - Dow Wetlands UPDATE! RAMPS CLOSED

Update Antioch marina closed launch ramp until further notice. If you're looking for a quick paddle I suggest a paddle to the Dow Wetlands. At the time of this writing, the Antioch Marina boat ramp, which has a dedicated kayak launch ramp, is open. I've noticed that many launch ramps are beginning to close so be aware that it may close at any moment. I don't want to encourage paddling with friends right now but if you are an experienced paddler this is a nice trip to do alone.

When planning a paddle to the Dow Wetlands, as with any paddle on the Delta, check tides and weather for best time. If wind is predicted or blowing at more than 10 mph, DO NOT LAUNCH, unless you are an experienced paddler and can self rescue. Winds in this area don't have to be high to create challenging conditions. If the wind is blowing against the tide, the river can get 3 to 5 foot swells and breaking waves.

The optimal time for this paddle would be to launch about 1 to 2 hours after low tide. You will paddle against the current for about a mile before you reach the wetlands. If you stay close to shore, literally 5 to 15 feet from shore, you will catch an eddy that will help you. On your return, you will have the current to help you home.

Once in the wetlands you will be able to explore many sloughs. Keep your eyes out for river otter, beaver, mink, raccoons and waterfowl. Lately, there has been a pair of Mute swan in the small bay. They are huge and beautiful and the sound they make when taking flight is breathtaking.

I was able to get out there for a quick paddle yesterday and was treated to 3 raccoon, an otter, a mink, pair of mute swan, a couple of great blue heron and several great egrets. I was also able to catch 2 striped bass which made my day because fishing has been tough lately. If you listen closely, you'll hear marsh wren and blackbirds serenading you.

This can be a great paddle for both beginners and experts but plan your paddle carefully. Delta Kayak Adventures offers tours to the Dow Wetlands though we are closed at the moment due to Covid 19. You can purchase gift cards at 33% off that can be used for this tour or others when the shelter in place is lifted. Enter save33 for promo code. Gift cards can also be used for rentals and classes and never expire. As a sole proprietor, this is my primary income, so I appreciate any support you can provide. Share this information with friends and family and plan a trip for a future date to enjoy a fun filled adventure!

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  1. Do anybody knows anything about if it's ok to kayak fish? I went to big break marina yesterday and harbor master told me that national guard was out in the water targeting kayakers and jetski, saying it's not allowed. He said he wasn't going to stop me, just giving me a heads up.